MCPD Moments

Extracts from the Law Society's Communiqué

What is the difference between 2011 and 2012?
Taken from December 2011 Communique
What are eligible CPD activities?
Taken from January 2012 Communique
What is the EPPM Requirement all About?
Taken from March 2012 Communique
Do You Know the Consequences of Non-Compliance?
Taken from May 2012 Communique
Interactivity: Turning Self-Study into Eligible Continuing Professional Development Activity?
Taken from June 2012 Communique
Introducing Your CPD Tracker
Taken from August 2012 Communique
Counting Down the Hours
Taken from October 2012 Communique
MCPD Reporting - The Next Stage
Taken from December 2012 Communique
What Do You Do if Your 2012 CPD Hours Don’t Add Up to 12?
Taken from February 2013 Communique
Lessons from the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Trenches
Taken from March 2013 Communique
Active Practising Status: An “All or Nothing” Proposition
Taken from July 2013 Communique
Last Call for 2013 CPD Participation!
Taken from November 2013 Communique
Year End Questions and Answers
Taken from December 2013 Communique
Making MCPD Work for You in 2014
Taken from January 2014 Communique
MCPD Across Canada
Taken from March 2014 Communique
MCPD: Finding the Right Balance
Taken from May 2014 Communique
Don’t Be Afraid to Call
Taken from June 2014 Communique
Summer Reflections
Taken from August 2014 Communique
The Lowdown on MCPD Requirements and Reporting
Taken from February 2015 Communique
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