Glossary of Terms

Annual Member Report

Members report their CPD activities as part of their annual member report. The annual member report is located in the Members Portal on the Law Society website.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing professional development or CPD refers to learning activities that protect the public interest by enhancing the competence, integrity and professional responsibility of lawyers.


CPD Activity

CPD activity is defined as an activity that enhances a lawyer’s competency in the protection of the public and is:

  • relevant to the professional needs of a lawyer;

  • pertinent to long-term career options as a lawyer;

  • in the interests of the employer of the lawyer; or

  • related to the professional ethics and responsibility of lawyers


Eligible Activities

Eligible activities are learning activities determined by the chief executive officer of the Law Society to comply with the guiding principles for mandatory continuing professional development approved by the benchers. Eligible activities must:

  • relate to substantive, procedural or practical aspects of law, including law office management

  • not relate to a specific client file (the legal content portion of a seminar targeted toward multiple clients would be eligible)

  • not relate to the purely business or social aspects of an activity (the legal content portion of a mixed activity would be eligible)

With some exceptions, self-study is not an eligible activity. See Self-Study below.


Guiding Principles for Mandatory Continuing Professional Development

On the recommendation of the Admissions and Education Committee, the Benchers of the Law Society of Manitoba adopted principles to guide the development and implementation of mandatory continuing professional development requirements for Manitoba lawyers. The guiding principles can be found here.



Self-study refers to any activities that a lawyer participates in alone. Self-study is not an eligible activity except for:

  • legal writing if the intended readers are not a specific client (writing an article for the firm newsletter or website would be an eligible activity)

  • on-line “real time” activities or teleconferences where questions can be asked and answered

  • on-line activities if not in “real time” if a test is included

  • other self-study activities that have been approved to accommodate an individual lawyer’s circumstances such as, disability, distance, lack of relevant CPD options

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