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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities

CPD Programs
In addition to upcoming CPD programs this section contains a summary of Law Society of Manitoba programs offered in 2014 (to date), including the title, date and maximum number of hours that participants may report on their 2014 CPD report. All 2014 CPD programs are eligible CPD activities for MCPD purposes.
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New Media CPD
This section contains details of our New Media products such as DVD recordings of select live programs and online educational resources to provide you with Continuing Professional Development when and where you want it. Use our New Media CPD products to create a study group, which is an eligible CPD activity for MCPD purposes.
Links to Other CPD Providers
Most activities offered by other CPD providers will qualify as eligible CPD activities for MCPD purposes.
Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Practice Management CPD
This section contains selected links to activities with an Ethics, Professional Responsibility or Practice Management component to help lawyers meet the EPPM requirement of MCPD.
cpdonline - Your gateway to cpd at your convenience
cpdonline from The Law Society of Manitoba allows you to get Continuing Professional Development at your convenience, any time and anywhere you can connect to the internet.
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