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March 7, 2018 - All About Anxiety: A Program for Legal Support Staff

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Special Reduced Rate Offered for this Program

All About Anxiety: A Program for Legal Support Staff

March 7, 2018   │   12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Law Society Classroom, 219 Kennedy Street, Winnipeg


Anxiety is very common.  Working in a fast paced often high stress environment combined with balancing the rest of life's demands can increase our anxiety levels.  The great news is that anxiety is among the most treatable mental health concerns.  Educating yourself is one of the first vital steps you can take towards a healthier experience. 

Join us for this lunch time session to learn how and why anxiety arises and what you can do about it.  Then take that knowledge back to your office and your home to assist anyone else you may know that is dealing with this challenge.

Kellie Williams, Public Education Coordinator
ADAM (Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba)

Here is what past attendees had to say about Kellie's Presentation:


In my opinion, that was one of the best [presentations] that we have ever received, from anyone. I’m sure that I am not the only one who thought so. Please pass along our thanks to Kellie.

 Anxiety affects everyone’s lives, whether we experience it personally or we see our colleagues,clients, friends and family struggle with it. Kellie delivered needtoknow information and resources in a thoughtful, humorous manner referencing the lawyer personality, neuroscience and her own personal journey with anxiety.

Special Reduced Rate
1/3 off Regular Registration Fees including both In Person & Webinar Rates

Registration Fee (includes reduction):

Support Staff - $50 (plus GST)
Note: Registration fee includes materials and lunch.

Webinar Registration Fee (includes reduction): $30 plus GST (includes materials sent electronically) Registrants will receive an email prior to March 7 with detailed instructions on how to connect.

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