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May 16, 2017 - Getting and Growing Grit: The Secret to Success

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Law Society Classroom, 219 Kennedy Street, Winnipeg

May 16, 2017        12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Jointly presented by the Law Society of Manitoba
and the Manitoba Bar Association Women Lawyers’ Forum

This law at lunch presentation will introduce you to what the grit and growth mindset is all about.  It will give you some insight and tools on how this mindset can impact lawyer resilience, performance, and effectiveness.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The recent science-based discoveries about grit and growth mindset.
  • The connection between grit and growth mindset with success in legal practice and the American Bar Association’s undertakings in this area.
  • And the opportunity this represents for legal professionals – in terms of enhanced productivity, performance, and resilience.

In addition, grit and growth mindset will be directly applied to the challenges of legal practice such as handling a heavy workload, dealing with negative feedback, and managing difficult clients.

Meet Your Presenter:

This grit and growth program is facilitated by Allison Wolf.  Allison is a Certified Executive Coach, publisher of Lawyer With A Life, and founder and coach with Shift Works Strategic Inc.  Her coaching practice is entirely focused on lawyers.  She works with clients from across Canada and the United States.  She is retained both by individuals and by law firms.  She has worked with clients from virtually every area of practice, and all levels of seniority, from newly called associates to senior partners transitioning to retirement.  For more information please visit her website.

In Person Registration Fee:

Lawyer - $75.00 (plus GST)
MBA Member - $65.00 (plus GST)
Student - $37.50 (plus GST) ~ 50% Discount

Note: Registration fee includes materials and lunch.

Teleconference Registration Fee: $55 plus GST (includes materials sent electronically) Registrants will receive an email prior to May 16 with detailed instructions on how to dial in and connect for the audio call.

MB Members: This program may be reported for up to 1.5 hours of eligible CPD activity, including 1.5 hours of EPPM.

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