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November 16, 2018 - Active Shooter

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Law Society Classroom, 3rd Flr, 260 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg

Active Shooter – What Should you Know?
Presented in Partnership with The Winnipeg Police Service

November 16, 2018   │   12:00 pm  to  1:00 pm
~ A second program date is in the works for Brandon, so please stay tuned for further details ~


We are pleased to make this important program available at no cost. Advance registration is still required
Note lunch and refreshments are not included. Feel free to bring your own refreshments.

The Winnipeg Police Service, through the Community Relations Unit, is providing free presentations to interested organizations to provide education about, and what to do in the event of, an Active Shooter.
This is a 60 minute presentation with information sharing on what makes an Active Shooter, how to keep yourself safe in the event of an Active Shooter and some of things your organization may want to be aware of based on your building layout, business, clientele etc.
If you are involved in an active shooter incident, knowing all the reasons why it is happening will not save your life, but anticipating how the Active Shooter will behave, can greatly prepare you to survive it.

Situational awareness is being familiar and aware of your surroundings, and at the same time recognizing the dangers in your surroundings and the options available for your safety.

Understanding ‘Law Enforcement Response’ will give you insight on what to expect from the police when they arrive.

It will also reinforce the critical decisions and actions you must make for yourself in order to survive prior to emergency responders being on scene.  

Constable Andrea Lefort, Crime Prevention and Diversity, Winnipeg Police Service

Registration Details:

All attendees must register to attend this program. However there is no associated cost.

Note: In person and webinar registration includes any provided materials. Webinar attendees will receive an email prior to Nov 16 with detailed instructions on how to connect.

Eligibility For CPD Hours: This program may be reported for up to 1 hour of eligible CPD activity of which 1 hour is EPPM.

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