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Articling Recruitment Guidelines

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Articling students must successfully complete the Manitoba CPLED Program and 52 weeks of full-time articles with an approved principal. Articling students must complete the two components within 2 years from the start of either the CPLED Program or articles, whichever is started earlier.

It is up to the student to locate and secure employment with a principal.  The following is a link to the Robson Hall website setting out guidelines for Articling Recruitment in the City of Winnipeg and providing links to other provinces’ guidelines:

To be admitted as an articling student, an applicant must submit the following:

The Law Society will review all the submitted material and consider whether the applicant is eligible to enter articles.

The Law Society will consider requests for part-time or split articles on an individual basis.  The request and articling schedule must be submitted with the Application for Admission to the CPLED Program and as an Articling Student for review and approval.

In addition to the above, the following must be submitted no later than 2 weeks following the commencement of articles:

  • Articling Agreement signed by the applicant and a lawyer who has been approved as a principal by the Law Society. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the lawyer signing the Articling Agreement has been approved by the Law Society of Manitoba to act as a principal.
  • Education Plan


Articling Principals

To become a principal, a lawyer must submit an Application to Act as a Principal to the Law Society. The application will be assessed based on the lawyer's insurance, discipline and complaints history. Except in special cases, the lawyer must have practised law for at least three years. The Law Society will consider whether the lawyer can provide adequate training to an articling student.

Principals are obligated to provide guidance, by instruction and example, to articling students on the practice of law and the practical application of ethical standards and rules of professional conduct.


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