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Job Posting Instructions

Submit your job opportunity to

  • Please ensure that the advertisement file is in PDF format. Alternatively, if you have the advertisement on your own webpage, you can provide the URL link to that page instead of the PDF document.
  • Include the title of the position and a short (50 words or less) summary paragraph that people will be able to read prior to the full advertisement (eg. company name and description, a couple position details, etc.)
  • Include an application closing date. If no closing date is specified, the advertisement will be removed one month from posting. If the posting is to be published at a later date then, also include a publishing start date for the advertisement.

There is no cost for submitting a job opportunity for posting on the Law Society website but please let us know if the position has been filled prior to the end date so we can remove the posting. 

NOTE: we only advertise for lawyer positions. We do not post positions for legal assistants, paralegals, etc. It should be clear in the advertisement that the position is for someone with a law degree.


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