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This section includes various admission forms including those related to articling, the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) Program, law student registration, and appeals.

Articling and CPLED Admission forms are found in this category.
Information & Fee Schedule for Applicants for Admission
This document provides information on the Society's admission requirements and process along with a fee schedule for all Admissions applications.
Application to Register as a Law Student
An Application for Registration as a Law Student and Renewal of Registration as a Law Student must be accompanied by a letter from the students Faculty of Law confirming their enrollment and the registration fee. Please allow 14 - 30 days for processing and decision.
Request for Individual Call to the Bar Ceremony
For graduating CPLED Students who may be eligible to be Called on a date other than the scheduled Mass Call or wish to be Called in a location other than Winnipeg. This request must be submitted with the Application and Petition for Call and Admission and the Certificate of Completion.
Application and Petition for Call and Admission for Manitoba CPLED Graduates
For use by the graduating CPLED students to apply for their Call to the Bar and must be accompanied with the required fee and supporting documentation.
Application to Commence Active Practice
An Application to Commence Active Practice must be filed by all new members who intend to practise law in Manitoba. Applicants requesting to commence active practice more than 90 days AFTER their Call to the Bar must also submit this application together with a non-refundable application fee along with a certificate of standing from all governing bodies of the legal profession, inside and outside of Canada, of which you are or were ever a member, dated not more than 30 days before the date of your application.
Guidelines for Good Character
Information for candidates applying for admission to the Manitoba CPLED Program and as an articling student, or seeking permission to resume active practice or transfer to the Manitoba Bar under the National Mobility Agreement, outlining issues and/or concerns that must be disclosed upon submitting an application for admission.
Notice of Appeal Form
Admissions and Education decisions made by the chief executive officer under Division 1 of Part 5 of the Rules of the Law Society of Manitoba may be appealed to the Admissions and Education Committee in accordance with the applicable Law Society Rules set out in the Notice of Appeal. An appeal must be initiated by delivering a completed notice of appeal in the required form.
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