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Articling and CPLED Admission forms are found in this category.

Application for Admission to the Manitoba CPLED Program and as an Articling Student
Application for Admission to the Manitoba CPLED Program and as an Articling Student which includes the Certificate of Character, Guidelines for Good Character and the Information & Fee Schedule for Applicants for Admission.____ IMPORTANT: Applications and all supporting documentation must be received on or before May 31st or a date 3 weeks before the anticipated articling start date, whichever date is earlier. Admission requirements are detailed on pages 1 and 2 of the application. ____ Priority will be given to the earliest applications with secured articles submitted with ALL supporting documentation (including undergraduate transcripts and Certificates of Standing if required) and fee.
Criminal Record Check - Third Party Letter of Authorization
All supporting documentation, such as transcripts and criminal record checks, must be sent from the originating institution directly to the Admissions & Membership Department at The Law Society of Manitoba. Its important to note that a fingerprint based Criminal Record Check must to be received by The Law Society of Manitoba from the R.C.M.P. before an application will be considered for articles to commence.
Applicants Seeking Articles
Individuals who currently do not have an articling position for the upcoming articling year may submit a copy of their resumes to the Education Department for circulation to any inquiring firms or organizations considering hiring an articling student, however, it is incumbent on each applicant to secure their own articles.
2018-2019 CPLED Handbook for Students and Principals
This handbook introduces articling students and principals to the CPLED Program and articling requirements. Providing guidance for admission requirements and serving as a continuing reference it provides articling students and principals with information about the expectations, requirements, structures, procedures, policies, schedules and forms relevant to both the CPLED Program and articling. Articling students and principals are deemed to know the information contained in this handbook. Principals should encourage other lawyers who will be assigning work to students to review the handbook. The information in this handbook will assist articling students and principals to understand their obligations and to plan appropriately to ensure that the articling student successfully prepares for admission to the bar.
Manitoba Articling Student Recruitment Guidelines
The guidelines are intended to complement the rules, and contain the procedures for the recruitment of articling students in Winnipeg within the context of the rules. These guidelines were developed by representatives of the Manitoba Bar Association (MBA), The Law Society of Manitoba, the Manitoba Law Students Association and the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law. All Winnipeg firms and organizations engaged in the recruitment of articling students, and all candidates applying to such employers, are expected to adhere to the guidelines and dates.
Application to Act as a Principal
Application for lawyers to act as Principals of articling students. Applicants must be a practising lawyer and have carried on active practice in Manitoba for not less than three years immediately preceding becoming a Principal and meet the criteria for principals established by the Society. Only approved Principals or their delegates may offer an articling position to a student.
Application for Exemption from Articling and CPLED Requirements Based on Foreign Practising Experience
This application is for lawyers applying for admission to the Law Society of Manitoba who have practising experience outside of Canada. Applicants to the CPLED Program and as an Articling Student who have practised in a foreign jurisdiction may apply for an exemption from: all or part of the CPLED Program requirement; and/or all or part of the articling requirement of 52 weeks of full time articles. In addition to the Application to the Manitoba CPLED Program and as an Articling Student, this application must be accompanied with the Summary of Practice Experience - Foreign Jurisdiction, the non-refundable application fee, original letters of reference and a Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee of Accreditation. A current Certificate of Standing is required and must be received to the Law Society directly from the applicants original governing body. No timeline for decision can be provided prior to receipt of a completed application. All applications are considered on a case by case basis.
Summary of Practice Experience in a Foreign Jurisdiction
This form must be submitted with the Application for Exemption from Articling and CPLED Requirements based on Foreign Practising Experience.
CPLED Program/Professional Integrity Agreement
Applicants seeking admission to the Manitoba CPLED Program may submit this document with the Application for Admission to CPLED and as an Articling Student. If an offer of articles has been accepted it must have the signatures of both the applicant and the approved Principal.
Articling Agreement
In accordance with The Legal Profession Act and The Law Society Rules, an applicant for admission to the Law Society of Manitoba as an Articling Student must enter into an Articling Agreement with a Principal, on a prescribed form. A Principal is an approved lawyer who has, for at least three years, carried on practice in Manitoba and meets the criteria. Prospective Principals are responsible for applying to the chief executive officer for approval to act as a principal. Only approved Principals or their delegates may offer an articling position to a student. Students should ask prospective Principals if they have been approved before finalizing their contractual arrangements.
Sample - Education Plan
This sample Education Plan should be adapted to reflect the experiences the student is likely to have during the articles although many firms / organizations have pre-existing templates of Education Plans from prior years. An education plan must be filed by the articling student and the Principal within two weeks of the commencement of articles. Failure to do so will result in the length of articles being increased by one week for every week the filing of the document has been delayed.
2018-2019 Manitoba CPLED Program Schedule
2017-2018 Manitoba CPLED Program Schedule
Tentative schedule to the 2017-2018 CPLED program. Subject to change.
Application for Financial Assistance
Only those applicants who have been approved as an articling student and for enrollment in the Manitoba CPLED Program are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Law Society of Manitoba. Applications are considered on a case by case basis.
Application for Accomodation
The Centre for Professional Legal Education is committed to ensuring that learners with disabilities are accommodated, while maintaining the integrity of the CPLED course and materials. The information provided in this application and any documentation regarding an application of accommodation requirements will be considered confidential to be used strictly for the purpose of assessing a request and providing accommodation. The information will not be shared with any outside source without the applicant's written authorization.
Request to be Excused from Particpation or to Defer Assignment, Competency Evaluation or Examination
Articling Student Practice Skills
The Law Society recognizes that individual articling experience varies according to the setting in which the student articles. The following document is a list of skill areas in which all students should receive experience either through practice or observation and discussion with their principals.
Mid Term Review
This form is intended to review the extent to which the articling experience complies with the Education Plan and to provide the principal and student with constructive feedback to improve the articling experience for the student.
Requirements for Transfer of Articles
Pursuant to Law Society of Manitoba Rule 5-6.2 students and principals must submit their request for permission to transfer or withdraw from their articling agreement to the Admissions & Membership Department of the Law Society of Manitoba.
Request for Credit for Articles Served
Request for credit for articles served in another jurisdiction pursuant to Law Society Rule 5-5(2). It is important to note that students are ineligible for credit for articles served until they have successfully completed the Manitoba CPLED Program. Any requests or supporting documentation received in advance will be held pending confirmation from the Society's Education Department of their final result.
Application for Abridgement of Articles
Please review Law Society Rule 5-5(1) with reference to this application.
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