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Articling and CPLED Admission forms are found in this category.

2014 - 2015 Forms
Application to Act as a Principal
Application for lawyers to act as Principals of articling students. Applicants must be a practising lawyer and have carried on active practice in Manitoba for not less than three years immediately preceding becoming a Principal and meet the criteria for principals established by the Society. Only approved Principals or their delegates may offer an articling position to a student.
Pre-Registration Contact Form
This form is not an application for admission. Students who currently do not have an articling position for the upcoming articling year may attach several copies of their resumes to this form. The Education and Competence Department will distribute copies of any student resumes to inquiring firms.
CPLED Application 'To Do' List
A handy tool to organize and keep track of the CPLED/Articling admissions requirements. The 'To Do' List is accompanied by three pages of "need to know" information, tips and hints to help applicants avoid delays and includes the Third Party letter of Authorization needed for criminal record checks.
Application for Admission to the Manitoba CPLED Program and as an Articling Student
Application for Admission to the Manitoba CPLED Program and as an Articling Student which includes the Certificate of Character, Guidelines for Good Character and the Information & Fee Schedule for Applicants for Admission. All supporting documentation, including the application fee, the CPLED Professional Integrity Agreement (not included with this application) and CPLED Program Tuition payment, must be provided before an application will be reviewed for admission approval.
CPLED Professional Integrity Agreement
This document MUST be submitted with the Application for Admission to CPLED and as an Articling Student. If an offer of articles has been accepted it must have the signatures of both the applicant and the approved principal.
2015-16 Manitoba CPLED Program Schedule
Tentative schedule to the 2015-2016 CPLED program. Subject to change.
Application for Exemption from Articling and CPLED Requirements Based on Foreign Practising Experience
This application is for lawyers applying for admission to the Law Society of Manitoba who have practising experience outside of Canada. Applicants to the CPLED Program and as an Articling Student who have practised in a foreign jurisdiction may apply for an exemption from: all or part of the CPLED Program requirement; and/or all or part of the articling requirement of 52 weeks of full time articles. This application must be accompanied with the Summary of Practice Experience - Foreign Jurisdiction, the non-refundable application fee and a Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee of Accreditation.
Summary of Practice Experience in a Foreign Jurisdiction
This form is for applicants to the CPLED Program and as an Articling Student who have practised law in a foreign jurisdiction and wish to request an exemption from articling and CPLED requirements based on their previous practise experience. This form must be submitted with the Application for Exemption from Articling and CPLED Requirements based on Foreign Practising Experience.
Requirements for Transfer of Articles
Pursuant to Law Society of Manitoba Rule 5-6.2 students and principals must request permission of the Law Society of Manitoba’s chief executive officer to withdraw from their articling agreement.
Application for Abridgement of Articles
Please review Law Society Rule 5-5(1) with reference to this application.
Request for Credit for Articles Served
Request for credit for articles served in another jurisdiction pursuant to Law Society Rule 5-5(2). Please note: A decision on this application will not be rendered until after an applicant has successfully completed the CPLED Program.
Application for Financial Assistance
Only those applicants who have been approved as an articling student and for enrollment in the Manitoba CPLED Program are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Law Society of Manitoba. Applications are considered on a case by case basis.
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