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Information Services

The Great Library offers a full range of legal information services to the profession, as well as basic assistance to the general public.


Case Law
Computer Searches
Internet Resources     
Manual Research
Circulation to Court
Interlibrary Support
Photocopy and Document Delivery

Library staff are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. They are very experienced, and are committed to ongoing education to keep up to date with all legal information products.

For further information, you can contact the Great Library by:

Phone: (204) 945-1958
Facsimile: (204) 948-2138
Regular mail: Room 331 - 408 York Avenue, Winnipeg R3C 0P9


Karen Sawatzky, Director of Legal Resources

Allyssa McFadyen, Legal Information Professional


Our Manitoba Judgments Database is an automated INDEX to all judgments from all Manitoba courts released since 1970. These Manitoba judgments are only available in print form at the present time. The Great Library receives copies of all print judgments from the courts, and indexes them by style of cause, cases and statutes judicially considered, subject, and whether they are reported in a popular case report series such as the Manitoba Reports. Great Library staff will assist you to use this database on our public access computers.

At such time as electronic judgments are made available from the Manitoba courts, the library's automated index to the judgments will still be available, to provide access to the older (print) judgments.

The library also has reported decisions from all other Canadian provinces and territories, the Canadian federal courts, and some tribunals. The library maintains bookmarks of internet links to case law from other countries.

Library staff can locate a particular case (computerized or in print, reported or unreported), verify a citation, determine statutes or cases judicially considered, search for related cases on the same point of law or subject, or look for an internet site or link.


The Great Library contains complete holdings of current and historical statutes and regulations for Manitoba and Canada, plus selective legislative materials from other provinces and territories.

Library staff can locate legislation, update it or track its history, consult the status of Manitoba bills, verify a citation, or look for an internet site or link.


The Great Library 's Automated Legal Information Service (ALIS) provides the legal profession with material from a variety of databases, products, and internet sites. This service is not provided to the general public.

In general, searches are performed in the order in which they are received, and usually within a day of receipt. The results of the search depend on the complexity of the subject and the databases searched, the amount of information generated, and the transmission costs charged by the database vendors. The library absorbs all these charges, no matter which electronic databases or products are accessed.

The Great Library has several computers available for your use, some of which are dedicated to the Internet, QUICKLAW and Lexis Nexis access for lawyers' use, due to the provisions of the electronic licence agreements we have signed with the publishers. Library staff can show you how to use our Manitoba Judgments Database, LexisNexis Quicklaw, for international research, and other automated services. End-user training and access are provided on a more limited basis to the general public.


Most of the library's wealth of legal collections still are in print format. Library staff can help you find both current and historical information on a wide range of topics.


Current members of The Law Society of Manitoba, the Manitoba judiciary, law and articling students are eligible to borrow Great Library books for use in court or judges chambers only. Approval of any other request is at the discretion of Great Library staff. There is no charge for this service.


This service is available to current members of The Law Society of Manitoba and the judiciary only. If the Great Library does not have the item you seek in its own collections, library staff will try to obtain the item on loan (or a photocopy if applicable) from another law library. The client is responsible for any charges levied by the other lending library, and for returning the book to the Great Library by the due date.


The Great Library provides clients with a single copy of various documents such as judgments, legislation, articles from selected legal journals, etc. The general public must do their own photocopying, and, as applicable, their own computer searches and printing.

Fax: (204) 948-2138


  1. NOTE: The Great Library reserves the right to limit the number of items or pages which it will photocopy, print, e-mail or fax, and to restrict copying from rare, brittle or other delicate material. A photocopy will be provided if the material is not suitable for fax or e-mail.


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