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Member Resources

Member Forms and Information
Applications and Forms exclusively for Members of the Law Society of Manitoba
Planning Guide for Winding Up a Practice
The Planning Guide for Winding Up a Practice is a guide provided by the Law Society to help lawyers plan ahead to develop an exit strategy that will meet their obligations to clients and family and provide information to assist them to comply with the Law Society’s requirements. The material enclosed will have varying degrees of relevance depending on the type of practice.
Trust Accounts and Financial Accountability
Client Identification and Verification
Interest Rates
Law Corporations
Lawyers Health and Wellness Program
The Lawyers Health and Wellness Program is a Free and Confidential Assistance Program available to Members of the Law Society of Manitoba and Manitoba Articling Students through Manitoba Blue Cross.
Equity Officer
Limited Liability Partnerships
Practice Management Advisory Services
Western Law Societies Conveyancing Protocol
The Law Society of Manitoba on Computers and Technology
The Law Society of Manitoba does not have specific rules, regulations or practice directions on computer technology. However, the Code of Professional Conduct applies to e-mails, text messages, data stored "in the cloud" and Facebook as much as it applied to paper files and faxes, or a traditional brick and mortar law office. The principles of client confidentiality and privacy do not change. The only things that change are the mechanisms by which the protected information is stored and transmitted. Various Canadian Law Societies and their insurers have developed materials that provide guidelines and advice on best practice. These materials provide suggestions on how to properly protect electronic data and information, and practice more efficiently through the use of technology. We have provided links to some of the best of that material from other Canadian law societies, as well as American and Commonwealth resources. We also direct you to past articles Law Society of Manitoba articles on technology issues.
Crossing the Border with Electronic Devices: What You Should Know
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